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The spirit of sharing a table, a meal and Beaujolais wines


The spirit of sharing by Beaujolais

Meals, hosts and wines

Beaujonomie is the art of tasting Beaujolais wines of character, best served in magnums, at large get-togethers accompanied by traditional dishes with a new twist, dishes created to be shared, in a chic, laid-back atmosphere.

The taste for getting together

Long tables and good times

Beaujonomie is above all the taste for getting together. It is the very picture of large tables, with people lingering over a meal and good conversation, enjoying a flavorful experience crafted by a chef and a winegrower. The love of “art de vivre à la française” is in Beaujolais DNA after all. Rest assured, there will be gourmet products to get the talks rolling and of course, great vintages with character.

Beaujolais and Bistronomy, an obvious marriage

Let yourself get carried along with the spirit of Beaujonomie!

Beaujolais wines, created with the Gamay grape varietal, come in all shapes and sizes… There are Festive Beaujolais wines whose fruitiness lends itself to popular celebrations like the day the Beaujolais Nouveaux come out. On the other end of the spectrum are the exceptional Beaujolais, the region’s great vintages. In the glass, you sense their expression is rooted in the terroir’s multiple facets. Lastly, in the middle of the trio, are the Beaujolais of Character whose distinctive fruitiness make a great match with trendy cuisine – those traditional dishes reinvented by a new generation of chefs. That “new” bistronomy paired up with Beaujolais wine has given birth to La Beaujonomie. With the event Bienvenue en Beaujonomie, our appellation winegrowers want to bring the concept back home to their vineyards to share an enjoyable moment with you, and celebrate French gastronomy and culinary art in a NeoBistro atmosphere.

Are you ready to live a beaujonomic experience in the heart of Beaujolais vineyard?

Discover the estates and book a seat at the table of Beaujolais winemakers for Bienvenue en Beaujonomie

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