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Domaine Les Capréoles

Truffled Beaujonomie

10 people

Saturday, June 18, 2022



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Wine tasting

The meal

We look forward to greeting you at Domaine les Capréoles for a moment of friendly, fine dining.

Since Beaujolais wines can also be paired with subtle dishes, we'll give you the opportunity to discover our wines during a gourmet meal inspired by truffles, another one of our passions.

Throughout the fine-dining experience, we'll enjoy showing you our estate and its Beaujolais terroir, our wines and our values. 

For a more welcoming atmosphere, the get-togethers will take place in our cellar and generally be followed by a tour of our vineyards and vat room so we can explain and illustrate our choices, in particular our choice for organic winegrowing.

To create a genuine moment of sharing and togetherness, the number of guests will be limited to about ten.


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Saturday, June 18, 2022




Cédric & Catherine Lecareux

Your estate in a nutshell:  Neo-organic winegrower


Its signature cuvée: Diaclase


Who will the chef be? At home, the gourmet chef is Cédric and he loves combining his two passions: wine and fine food !


Cédric Lecareux

My cuisine in a nutshell: Generous, friendly and subtle


My signature ingredient: Truffles, a speciality from our years spent near Carcassonne.


Pairing truffles with tasting our wines is a little like telling our story! So it seemed the obvious way for us to introduce you to our estate. 

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Domaine Les Capréoles


04 74 65 57 83

Domaine Les Capréoles

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