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Domaine Bernard Jomain

Beaujonomie 2020

20 people

Sunday, June 18, 2023



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Walk in the vineyard

The meal

We'll be delighted to greet you at our Estate to share a little of our life as Winegrowers.

For starters, we'll listen and look at our vines, I will tell you about the estate from its creation up until now, the choices that have been made, our convictions, our goals, and our commitment to a purer earth, a truer grape, and wines full of truth...

Then we'll go to the ageing cellar, among the oak barrels, vats and earthenware jars, to discover our Beaujolais-Villages Blanc cuvées, accompanied by the Coq en Pâte by Guillaume, our chef.

After that appetizer, we'll sit down to dinner outside, under a tent with a panoramic view overlooking our vineyards, and Mont Blanc in the distance, weather permitting...

Once you've enjoyed the meal whipped up by Guillaume, you can take an after-dinner ride in our 2CV6 Spéciale with Patricia (the boss), who'll be both your driver and guide...

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Sunday, June 18, 2023




Bernard & Patricia Jomain

Your estate in a nutshell:  Passion, sharing, and truth


Your signature cuvée: Beaujolais-Villages Blanc

 "Les trèfles"


Why did you choose Guillaume's cuisine? Because it's totally beaujonomic, stylish and classy, generous and welcoming...


Guillaume BESSON

The restaurant in a nutshell: Spirit of sharing, authenticity.


Your signature dish: coq en pâte, our emblem!


Why Bernard Jomain's wines? We have no fewer than 150 wines in our shop, including Bernard and Patricia's. So they were a natural choice.

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Domaine Bernard Jomain


06 80 30 96 68

Domaine Bernard Jomain

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