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Château des Jacques

From the vines to the glass, a tasting from 1976 to today


Saturday, June 17, 2023



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From the vines to the glass : a journey through time. Tasting from 1976 to today

Château des Jacques invites you for a discovery of Moulin-à-Vent appelation and its incredible ageing potential.  We will first meet you at 5.30PM in the vines under the famous Windmill to understand the diversity of our terroirs and our viticultural approach.  We will then push the doors of our winery and the cellar, for a commented vertical tasting of 6 vintages from 1976 to 2015. This will be the perfect occasion to appreciate the ageing potential of these wines.


This retrospective will be followed by a friendly dinner around a large table under the magnolia tree.

The menu will be prepared by Sebastien Chambru, Michelin Star Chef from l’O des Vignes, in the village of Fuissé.


So that our guests can fully enjoy the evening it will be possible to let your car on the car-park of the winery as the Hôtel-Restaurant-Spa Les Maritonnes is located just 10 minutes away on foot. The hotel is happy to offer our guests a 40€ discount on the premium rooms (so 249€ instead of 289€) with free and unlimited access to the Spa des Vignes. (Contact : contact@lesmaritonnes.com with the offer code « Beaujonomie »). 

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Saturday, June 17, 2023




Geneviève Bonifacio

Our winery in a word :

Gamay offers lively wines, which can truly reflect its terroirs and evolve through time without losing its freshness.


Signature Cuvée

Moulin-à-Vent Clos de Rochegrès


Why chose Sebastien Chambru's cuisine ? 

Because it echoes what we would like our wines to be : reflect of terroir, loyal to our roots, while keeping creativity and elegance.


Sébastien Chambru

l'O des Vignes in a word

Sébastien Chambru simply love the essentials, the intimacy of things. He delivers today the world he has seen, his diverse culinary travels.  
From mediteranean cuisine in the "Moulin de Mougins" restaurant, to his Japanese experience, which he kept a deep respect for the product "there, every ingredient is precious, you see, I still remember the blades of chives gently put in silky paper and its individual box".  
His cuisine is very biographic, inspired from memories and experiences. 

Pourquoi les vins du Château des Jacques?

Pour leur capacité à traverser le temps, à montrer la noblesse acquise par le Gamay avec le vieillissement

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Château des Jacques


03 85 35 51 64

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