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A la belle étoile - picnic in the vineyards of Saint-Amour

Saturday, July 3, 2021
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A la belle étoile - Diner in the vineyards of Saint-Amour

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Friday, July 2, 2021


The meal

A la belle étoile offers culinary events at the farmer's place. The Saint-Amour edition revolves around a michelin-starred dinner, immersed in the vineyards and a local producers' market followed by a picnic basket to be savoured in the vineyards of Saint-Amour.


Friday night's dinner on July 2 will take place in the vineyards of Laurence, in her beautiful domain Ma Chambre Saint-Amour. The dinner will be prepared by the 2 michelin stars Chef Masafumi Hamano, Au 14 février. The Chef has chosen for the occasion two producers: Pierre-Eudes Quintart, producer of pigeons, and Augustin Raspail Berge, market gardener. The producers will be attending the evening and will explain their work and their commitment as a breeder / producer. Dinner will be made with local products and paired with wines from the Saint-Amour cru. This friendly and magical evening will aim to take guests on a journey from the land to the plate up to the stars, with a zest of music and a hint of magic.

5 course diner. Paired with wine.

Musical moments

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Friday, July 2, 2021




A la belle étoile - Ma chambre Saint-Amour

A la belle étoiles is organizing the dinner on Friday July 2 in the vineyards of Laurence's family, in her beautiful domain Ma Chambre à Saint-Amour.


The godmother of the event, Chef Camille Maury, will also be present.


Masafumi Hamano

Chef Hamano has been Chef de Cuisine of the restaurant “Au 14 janvier” in Saint-Amour Bellevue since 2012. He obtained one and then two Michelin stars. Its Franco-Japanese cuisine is renowned for being "adjusted to the millimeter". Chef Hamano works with products from the region and has chosen two producers who will be in the spotlight during this dinner in the vineyards. The wines, only Cru Saint-Amour, have been carefully selected by the sommelier and maitre d'hotel of the restaurant Mr. Ishizuka.

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