Nestor Belicard

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June 8 and 9, 2019



The event

On one of the last traditional winegrowing farms in the Beaujolais region, you'll get the chance to share an enjoyable moment together in a house and cellars dating back nearly 300 years and that are still intact. Nector Belicard will give you a tour of the Lancié "poype" (old motte-and-bailey castle dating back to the 11th century, the estate's emblem), his vineyards managed in organic agriculture, as well as his cellars and vat room. As for the meal, the spotlight will be on the values of sharing, welcoming and exchanging. The meals promise to be delightful with lots of storytelling. We're ready and waiting! 

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June 8, 2019

June 9, 2019




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Nestor Bélicard

The estate: Lancié, tucked in between Fleurie and Morgon, is the home of the Poype*, the heart of the wine estate. Old growth vineyards, farmed with methods respectful of nature and the environment, meticulous manual harvests, and traditional vinification methods combine to enable vintner Nestor Bélicard to create the quintessence of Gamay in his ancestors’ terroir. 

Its signature cuvée :

Beaujolais Villages Lancié 2018 zero sulfites

Why Mathilde Spay's cuisine ?

For the friendliness and authenticity of its delightful dishes to be shared with friends.


Mathilde Spay

Traditional cuisine by a modern and innovating vintner.

Her signature dish :

Local rooster stewed in Beaujolais wine.

Pourquoi les vins de Nestor Bélicard ?

Because they are authentic, with no chemicals and vinified with ancient traditional methods, in full respect of nature. The result is full, true and subtle.

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