Les Vins Georges Duboeuf

20 People

June 8 and 9, 2019



The event

During the festival, Georges Duboeuf wines have planned some great surprises with a tempting program! 

- Presentation and tasting of their wines, followed by a meal with Beaujolais flavors. Here, lunch will take place in an old wine house refurbished as the concourse of a 1900s-style train station. Unusual, don't you think? Throughout the meal, the sommeliers will be making a fuss to give you an authentic, festive discovery of the world of wine and the vineyards. 

- Your Beaujolais discovery won't stop there since a visit to the famous Hameau Duboeuf will be on the agenda: an opportunity to explore the Beaujolais region's magnificent landscapes and retrace its history, via an exhibition full of displays and films.

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June 8, 2019

June 9, 2019






Hameau Duboeuf

About us: founded by Georges Duboeuf, the Hameau Duboeuf remains a family company devoted to the discovery of wine and the vineyards, open to all. All the Beaujolais wines are in the spotlight and available for tasting.


The restaurant in a nutshell: the Café des Deux Horloges serves local, traditional cuisine with something for everyone

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