Domaine de Côtes Rémont

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June,9 2019



The event

Come and enjoy a relaxing time in the privacy of our Beaujolais vineyards. You'll discover a family-run winegrowing estate over two centuries old on the slopes of Pic Rémont, and a landscape where vines, fields and woods blend as one.

As for our Juliénas and our Chénas wines, the Hachette Guide, Le Monde newspaper and the Concours Macon have all talked about us, but nothing beats coming to taste older vintages at Rémont.   

Plan to arrive around 11:30 a.m. for a tour of the vat room where you'll get a chance to taste tank samples or bottles of Chénas and Juliénas. Then we'll have lunch in the shade of the lime trees (the weather will be nice!) with a view over the Mauvaise Valley.

It'll be a homemade meal with our local products. Dessert will be whipped up by the young and talented chefs at the restaurant Ema in Avenas.

If you’d like, you can take an after-lunch stroll on the hiking trail that cuts through the estate.

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June 9, 2019


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Catherine et Dominique Olry

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Chénas en Rémont 2017


Why choose Ema's cuisine?

We chose Ema's because they are young, creative and talented chefs, making the most of the great local produce.



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