Château des Pertonnières - Dupeuble

20 People

June,8 2019



The event

Ghislaine, Stéphane and Paul will be thrilled to welcome you in their cellars so you can taste and share their passion: Beaujolais!


Use your imagination...and on June 8th at lunchtime, we'll celebrate “Christmas” all together ;-) 


We'll put out a great spread... and create an atmosphere for getting together and sharing good wines accompanied by delicious dishes, a good laugh, and culture... in short, an enjoyable moment of togetherness spiced up with surprises.


And to share even more but stay within everyone's reach, we'll take the opportunity to talk about the influence of the Beaujolais UNESCO Global Geopark on our cuvées and its respect of High Environmental Values (HVE).


Feel like making the fun last longer? 


  • Fun, after-lunch walks in the vineyards (treasure hunt)
  • Tour of a Geosite

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June 8, 2019


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Ghislaine, Stéphane et Paul Dupeuble

Your estate: "In Vino very class…"

Since 1512, in the fascinating Beaujolais terroir of Pierres Dorées, Château des Pertonnières has been enhancing its vintages thanks to the Dupeuble family know-how passed down from one generation to the next.


Your signature cuvée: "1512" expressing the Dupeuble family's inspiring journey over the past 500 years…


Why did you choose André Chouvin's cuisine?


André Chouvin

The restaurant in a nutshell: flavors and conviviality

Le Tilia in Joux is where you’ll find gourmet chef, André Chouvin, expertly trained by chefs Bocuse, Haberlin, and Fleury. His menu is inspired by the region that serves as his backdrop and glorifies local produce. 


Your signature dish: "truffles of the sea" (abalone), spicy chocolate foie gras cannelloni and Sauternes wine spheres.


Why Château des Pertonnières wines?

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