The concept


Bienvenue en Beaujonomie in 3 steps

1. Reserve your ticket on the website
www.bienvenue-en-beaujonomie.fr by choosing the meal(s) at the wine estate where you want to have your ‘beaujonomic’ experience.

2. Discover the know-how of Beaujolais winegrowing by checking out a winery, its vineyards and its day-to-day routine – Get the opportunity to taste a range of the estate’s wines – Share a welcoming meal with guests from near and far, and eat dishes concocted by a regional chef or the family cordon bleu, paired with magnums selected for the occasion.

3. Stroll through the vineyards, learn about tasting… every winery has a little extra something to offer!

Are you ready to live a beaujonomic experience in the heart of Beaujolais vineyard?

Discover the estates and book a seat at the table of Beaujolais winemakers for Bienvenue en Beaujonomie