Domaine Mee Godard

20 People

June,8 2019



The event

The atmosphere will be gypsy jazz at Mee Godard's, after having taken a tour of her winery and shared a very friendly meal with a very hospitable hostess. Everything with no fuss and good moods!

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June 8, 2019




Mee Godard

Your estate in a nutshell: 


Your signature cuvée:


Why choose Marie, the chef at Le Coq à Juliénas? Because of her creativity in a relaxed, convivial mindset


Marie Dias

Your restaurant in a nutshell:

Bistronomic cuisine with fresh, quality products from the terroir


Your signature dish: ‘Drunken’ coq au vin


Why did you choose Mee Godard’s wines? Because they have a feminine sensitivity, elegance, and lots of fragrance, plus they’re all eco-friendly.

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