Domaine Joncy

20 People

June,8 2019



The event

"If you come to visit us, close your eyes, and take off with the Joncy family through the centuries, to discover our exceptional terroirs, climb the hillsides, share the traditions of passionate artisans and let yourself be moved by the marvels of Nature." 


A family of winegrowers since 1619, Stéphanie and Guillaume Joncy took the reins of the estate with a desire to pass on their passion, down to every last glass. Defending their love for the terroir and the environment, they are in their final year converting over to organic agriculture to obtain the AB label.

Their dinner will take up residence on the estate, located in the heart of the vineyards, in Quincié, offering a splendid view of the charming Mount Brouilly. They've chosen Bérangère Gauthier, chef at Une Table dans le Verger in Marchampt, to whip up their 100%-beaujonomic meal.


On the agenda for Saturday evening:

6 PM: tour of the estate and vat room, and a stroll in the vineyards

7 PM: "oenology" workshop with appetizers, all out on the terrace to enjoy the last rays of sunshine

8:30 PM until late: Beaujonomic meal in the heart of the vaulted cellar


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June 8, 2019




Sophie & Guillaume Joncy

Your estate in a word: 



Its signature vintage: 

Cuvée 400 in Beaujolais Quincié


Why did you choose the cuisine from Une Table dans le Verger? Family-style cuisine but with a touch of originality. High-quality, local and seasonal products.


Bérangère Gauthier

Your restaurant in a word: natural.


Its signature dish: 

we're not so presumptuous as to have one, just simple family-style seasonal cuisine, but sincere and with fresh produce.


Why Domaine Joncy wines? Proud of the region and proud to promote Beaujolais wine.  Attached to the same values of terroir and passionate artisans.

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