Château de Poncié

20 People

June 8 and 9, 2019



The event

Spend a nice, relaxing moment in the heart of a natural setting, here, at Château de Poncié. Joseph Bouchard, in charge of the Château, will show you all its charming features, including the biodiversity and wealth of the terroir that produces the Fleurie appellation. After a tour of the vineyards and a tasting, you'll get to share a meal prepared by local L’Auberge du Cep chef, Aurélien Merot.

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June 8, 2019

June 9, 2019


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Joseph Bouchard

Your estate in a nutshell: idyllic 


Its signature cuvée: Fleurie La Salomine 2016


Why did you choose chef Aurélien Merot? He's a great chef who creates great dishes.


Aurélien Merot

L'Auberge du Cep in a few words: cuisine, wine, terroir. 


His signature dish: supreme poultry breast stuffed with foie gras, and legs en caillette(rennet-style), all prepared with Fleurie wine.  


Why Château de Poncié wines? It's one of the region's greatest estates; I've been rubbing shoulders with Joseph Bouchard for years.

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